Why Paleo

What is this paleo diet again, you might ask. It kinda rings a bell but you’re not sure what paleo is all about? If you’re a paleo virgin or maybe a die-hard fan, I’m just going to tell you what paleo means to me. I’m not an expert (hardly haha) just a regular girl who discovered that paleo eating is totally right up her alley.

To me, paleo is about going back to basics. Eating lots of fresh veggies, fruit, meat, nuts, basically food that’s been the least processed and has the lowest or even better NO amount of additives, just pure natural wholefoods that don’t come out coated in E numbers and sugar.

I was addicted to sugar pretty much all my life, couldn’t possibly imagine myself living without it (I thought my life would be boring otherwise, I know, I had an issue ;P).

Well, thanks to my acupuncturist I discovered you can break the cycle and get off sugar (ok, it took me about a year of going backwards and forwards, you’ve got to have a wee bit of willpower, but you can get there). Natural sweeteners like honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar and all that lot are usually okay on the paleo diet but I went even further and decided that the only sugar I’m ok with is the one naturally occurring in fruit. It was just an idea but easy enough to implement.

You’d be surprised how many desserts you can concoct just using fruit as the base, natural, yummy goodness and super easy to make (ok, you do go through trial and errors, hogging the kitchen for hours and having to deal with a frustrated boyfriend that can’t cook his own food because you’re making the 10th batch of pancakes. But you know what, it’s all worth it, once you finally come up with something slightly edible and kinda palatable – I’m just messing, my desserts are delish ;D!- you’re proud of yourself and can even bribe your angry boyfriend with sweet paleo treats).

It’s so much easier to stay on paleo knowing that you’re not depriving yourself of treats (I know I know I only have them once a d…month). You need to find your own balance but I’ve learned that once I know I can have something sweet my brain automatically switches to the mode, ok, I can have it so I don’t really need it like RIGHT NOW, I can have it anytime….so my cravings have gone down A LOT. I’m craving sweet stuff less and less now, no kidding, even if my boyfriend’s sitting next to me on the couch noshing on a hot pain au chocolat and the whole apartment smells of chocolate….nope does nothing to me, I’m serious! It feels so liberating to break up with sugar, just give it a try.

I think paleo food is much more fun and creative. Who would have thought that you can make courgette spaghetti, sweet potato mochi or beetroot brownies? It’s a lovely idea trying to incorporate more vegetables into your diet and I feel like paleo puts real food on your plate.

Not sure if you’ve read my About page but I’m really obsessed with Asian cuisine, nearly all of my recipes are inspired by Asian cuisine (I just take my favourites, put a little spin on them and juggle different ingredients to see what works). If you don’t like Asian that’s a bummer because I’m a total fan, I think it’s the perfect balance between the fresh, exciting, flavoursome, wholesome and yummy.

Paleo might not work for everyone, it works for me but I’m not a fanatic either. You wouldn’t normally eat any grains while on paleo but I’m ok with eating rice once in a while (especially when eating out and not having any other option), gluten-free oats or baby corn (I love them in stir-fries and curries!)

For me the rule is easy, if it’s gluten, dairy and sugar-free, it’s paleo.

Just eat whatever works for you and be as flexible as you want to be. My friends still slag me off for being gluten-free, I just laugh lol. I really don’t care what they think, as long as you’re happy with your diet, you’re grand.